About this site

The Trail Rider's Wall, Sangre de Cristo Mountains, Northern New Mexico

This website documents an 11-day backpacking trip from the Santa Fe Ski Basin over the Sangre de Cristo Mountains to Taos Plaza. To my knowledge, a Santa Fe to Taos hike over the mountains has not been done before. Though of course Santa Fe is very old, and I find it highly unlikely no one … Read more

Why I Did the Thru-Hike

Agua Sarca Canyon at dawn, with the full moon and my little tent

There are many reasons why I did the thru-hike. The first was just the adventure of it. The thrill of finding a way through. Of trying to do something that was not guaranteed, that was not already documented and reviewed and established. I did it because it’s fun to connect trails and trailheads in a … Read more